Pyotr Alexandrovich Klimov Was born on July 16, 1970 in Moscow.
His teacher on musical theory and harmony in Gnessins Specialized Music School was Valentin P. Sereda. P.Klimov graduated from Russian Musical Academy (former Gnessins Institute of Musical Pedagogy) on the class of composition (under Adrey I. Golovin, 1994). Also his teacher was great Russian composer
Boris Tchaikovsky. At present P.Klimov works at Gnessins Specialized Music School and Russian Musical Academy.
1996 Author of some musical compositions, such as Concerto for cello and orchestra (1994; performed by Artyom Vargaftik and "Novaya Opera" Orchestra), Concertino for piano and chamber orchestra (1997; performed by Olga Solovieva and Academic Chamber Orchestra "Musica Viva", conductor Alexander Rudin), "Canzonetta" for string orchestra (2000, devoted to "Musica Viva" Orchestra and A.Rudin and performed in 2000), Cantata for Baritone and Chamber Orchestra (1992), chamber copmositions (String Trio (1994), Sonata for violin and piano (1991), Small fantasy for clarinet (1998), Two Excerpts for Piano (1995), Variations on themes of Bulat Okoudzhava for viola (1997; performed by Yury Bashmet), some choruses and songs; and other). Has been composed the music (and has been written a verses) to drama "How does you like it?" of Moscow Mayakovsky Theatre. Took part in broadcastings.
Poet. Pyotr Klimov received some acknowledgement as the author of poems performed with guitar. You could visit the site (in Russian), where are the poems, songs, etc. of Pyotr and his friends Stas Prokoudin and Kirill Prokhorov.
The author of English songs translations for TV-serials.